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Bird Veterinarian in Nanaimo & Vancouver Island – Keep Them in the Beak of Health

Here at Mahalo Veterinary Hospital we have a special place in our hearts for your fine-feathered friends. We provide animal hospital care to Nanaimo’s avians and birds. We work with parrots, psittacines from budgies to cockatoos to macaws, song birds like finches, raptors such as eagles, hawks, and owls, wild birds and waterfowl, and more.

Nutritional Guidance

Annual wellness exams help us identify problems, such as poor nutrition, before they advance too far. This is important for birds, in particular, as they have a very high metabolic rate and so can drop substantial amounts of weight quickly. Different bird species frequently have different dietary requirements. We provide individualized education on all of the nutrition questions you have concerning your pet avian.

Foraging Guidance

Pet birds are not as far domesticated as pet dogs or cats. They therefore still have some strong wild instincts such as their need to forage for food. Our team at Mahalo Veterinary Hospital can offer guidance on how to foster your bird’s natural foraging behaviour so your pet bird can be healthy and happy.

Wing Clipping

Wing clipping is a pain-free procedure that protects both your bird and your home. The procedure limits your bird’s ability to fly, and protects them from flying into or out of windows or into ceiling fans, or landing on hot stoves. Professional clipping helps in removing the right feathers without irritating the skin or accidently trimming blood feather (a situation that can become life-threatening). ). We are professionally trained and experienced and we do our very best not to ruffle any feathers! We perform this procedure safely while maintaining the aesthetic appearance of your bird.

Beak Trims

Like teeth in some small mammals, beaks continue growing throughout birds’ lives. Though their beaks usually wear evenly, some birds develop beak problems that require veterinary assistance. Schedule an appointment with Mahalo for a professional beak trim.

Toenail Trims

You shouldn’t have to worry about nicking blood vessels inside your bird’s nails when trimming them. Arrange an appointment with us for regular, professional nail trimmings. Perches with rough surfaces (excluding sandpaper, which don’t wear down nails and can cause skin problems) can help reduce the frequency of nail trimming.

Standing X-ray

Our facility’s standing x-ray machine means your bird can remain standing during x-rays (traditional x-rays require your pet to be on their sides or stomachs, which does not feel natural to most birds and consequently can stress them out).


From parrots to budgies, finches to hawks, domesticated or wild, we have a veterinary team specifically trained to take care of these animals, to diagnose their problems, as well as to establish an appropriate medical or surgical treatment.

Bird Feeling Fowl?

Our team is happy to care for your avian/bird and send what’s troubling them into full flight. 

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