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Reptile AND AQUATIC Veterinarian in Nanaimo & Vancouver Island – Tip the Scales on Their Health

Cold-blooded animals warm our hearts. Mahalo Veterinary Hospital in Nanaimo understands how important your reptile’s health and wellness are to you. We’re here to provide animal hospital care for your pet reptile. We work with geckos, chameleons, bearded dragons, snakes, and iguanas as well as pet fish.


If you’ve recently acquired a reptile as a pet, we recommend that you bring your pet in for an initial exam, so we can make sure that it’s healthy. If your reptile needs further veterinary attention, we’ll also have a baseline to compare against. Although reptiles don’t need vaccinations, they can benefit from routine wellness exams. We’re happy to share our knowledge of appropriate enclosures, temperature and humidity, lighting, cleaning, skin shedding and dietary requirements.


Fish are intelligent and responsive animals and, just like any pet, they are susceptible to a variety of diseases. These problems may range from nutritional and environmental to infectious diseases, such as bacteria and parasites. Mahalo Veterinary Hospital offers the same level of animal hospital care in Nanaimo and Vancouver Island that you may have thought only available to pet dogs or cats. Rare or exotic, koi or cichlid, we’re here to put our knowledge to good use to keep your fish swimming happy.


Shed Any scaly Malady

We try our best to help your reptile or fish feel better in the blink of an eye and flick of a tongue.

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