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Peace of Mind

Everything we have invested in our facility is designed for our clients to better understand what is happening with their pet, so they can make fully informed decisions.

Discover Our Veterinary Technology in Nanaimo & Vancouver Island

Mahalo Veterinary Hospital is devoted to keeping up with the latest veterinary medical technology and experience in Nanaimo and Vancouver Island. Our new facility, diagnostic equipment including an on-site lab, digital x-ray, standing x-ray, video microscope and more allow Dr. Myriam and her team to offer the latest techniques in dental care, diagnostics, and medicine. These tools help us diagnose and treat our patients suffering from health problems ranging from common to rare. To make things more clear and easy we will provide all the necessary information related to the treatment of your loved ones. 

Benefits of Experience and Collaboration

Dr. Myriam has been actively working in the veterinary field for 35 years and has gained the recognition and respect of board certified specialists in a wide range of fields. Mahalo Veterinary Hospital leverages these contacts by ensuring all their equipment can produce digital images and diagnostics that can be instantly shared electronically with other specialists, in order to collaborate on treatment plans.


Dr. Myriam is able to assess when a situation requires a specialist be called. She knows when a collaborative approach is required – and does so with owners, patients and experts, involving all stakeholders for a successful outcome.

Facility Design

We’re proud to provide Nanaimo and Vancouver Island residents with a brand new veterinary hospital that offers transparency of treatment, an open concept floorplan, and accessibility in speaking with your veterinarian. Our facility was designed by input from clients, just like you. We listened to what clients had to say about their veterinary experiences and incorporated it into the design. Our design was process driven, meaning the layout of the facility maximizes the efficiency with which procedures take place in the hospital. It was designed to be pet and owner friendly. For example, we have a separate “quiet” room in the rear of the facility that allows patients and their family members to recover in peace and quiet.

On-Site & Off-Site Clinical Pathology

Mahalo Veterinary Hospital has an on-site laboratory. This means that turnaround times for receiving results are reduced from days to minutes with the added benefit of an in-house lab. This can be critical to improving patient outcomes.


Waiting for results can be an emotional experience, so every minute counts - because we know you care about your pet.

on site and off site clinical pathology

Digital Imaging

Video Microscope

Our microscopes provide a live feed image directly to a computer, TV or LCD projector. They provide a smooth real-time image that does not jump – extremely convenient for medical assessments. By using a video/digital microscope we can record our lab time for future review and also collaborate through telemedicine with other specialists. 

Diagnostic Tools

Mahalo Veterinary Hospital is equipped with imaging systems such as ultrasound and digital radiographic equipment.

All of our x-ray machines are digital, meaning we can share your pet’s files quickly with other specialists or vets all over the world, enabling us to discuss, collaborate and come up with a treatment plan, all while maintaining optimal image quality.

Standing X-Ray

Having to lift patients onto an x-ray table and restrain them can be challenging and uncomfortable for some patients. We’re excited to have a standing x-ray at our disposal for our patients that gives us the ability to take x-rays while the patient is standing on the floor or sitting on a perch. Whether it is making a dog with abdominal issues more comfortable or improving the diagnosis of joint-related issues by taking weight bearing images, investments like these are another part of the Mahalo difference.

Dental X-ray

Our new clinic sports the iM3 Revolution 4DC Dental X-ray, a generator that features the latest technology. The attributes of this x-ray provide consistently sharp images, allowing uninterrupted use during multiple exposures, such as full mouth acquisition. Significantly safer than traditional x-ray units in terms of radiation exposure, the Revolution 4DC provides better image quality and a higher regard for the patient’s health.


Telemedicine & Specialties

Dr. Myriam has been actively working in the veterinary field for 35 years. She has gained the recognition and respect of board certified specialists in a wide range of fields. Mahalo Veterinary Hospitals collaborates with these contacts by ensuring all the equipment can produce digital images and diagnostics that can be shared electronically with other specialists to provide your pet with the best possible outcome.

Online Client Portal

We will have a client portal available soon! Future updates to the Mahalo Pet Portal will allow you to view your pet’s medical files, including x-rays and diagnostics, book appointments and order medications, food and supplies.

Online Client Portal

Paws, Claws, Fins

We provide veterinary care to pets of all types.

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