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Cat Veterinarian in Nanaimo & Vancouver Island – Keep Their Motors Purring

Cats can provide us with years of entertainment and companionship. The Mahalo Veterinary Hospital team in Nanaimo works hard to provide reliable animal hospital care to your cat or kitten. We offer a range of services including medical, diagnostic, surgical, and preventative health care needs for your cat so they can live a longer, happier life.


The surgical procedures we perform on our cat patients include soft tissue and orthopedic, most commonly mass or lump removal, suturing lacerations, bladder stone removal, and mending fractured bones. We use state-of-the-art surgical equipment to ensure premium performance and the most favourable results. We use the safest anesthesia, patient monitoring, and pain management processes based on your cat’s breed, age, health and the type of procedure being performed.

All our surgeries have intravenous fluids as part of the anesthetic preparation. By administering IV fluids, we can keep your cat hydrated; additionally, if needed, it can serve as a pathway to directly administer additional pain medication or life-saving drug therapies should a crisis arise. At all times during surgery, we use monitoring equipment such as blood pressure monitors to assess your pet’s vital signs, as well as other machines to measure the heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature. After surgery we continue to monitor our patient, which allows us to intervene early should a complication arise, and prevent anesthetic risk to your cat. We administer pain medication as needed to keep your pet as comfortable as possible.


No matter the age or breed of your cat, we work with and love them all! Maintain your fabulous feline’s health by bringing them in for regular exams and vaccinations. Protect your cat against problems before they start. 


Cat Not Feline Fine?

We strive to make them better – our service is the cat’s meow.

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